2007-08 Photos for - 2008 Civil Suit

This is a seperate blog to hold information regarding the Waterstone Resort Realty and Nautilus Cove Assn. suit, (Case #08-2529-CA) which was filed by me, a NCC Condo owner (708) on June 10, 2008 in the 14th Judicial Circuit Court in Panama City.

The problem here was that foreign imported employees who worked at the Bay Point Marriott Golf Resort & Spa, 4200 Marriott Drive, Panama City Beach, Florida 32408 USA (Phone: 1-850-236-6000), were being housed by a labor contractor who rented 2-3 of 4 Waterstone Resort Realty condo units at the Nautilus Cove Condo. This was ongoing violation of many condo documents and had been going on since 8/2007 and the matter remains before the Circuit Court in Panama City. Waterstone has since had all 4 of their Nautilus Cove condos foreclosed by Compass Bank and 3 have since been sold to new owners. While the violations are now over, the matter needlessly continues in court.


There is some duplication in the photos shown below, as this is a secondary and holding blog I have been busy with other things and not gotten around to taking out the duplicates, sorry about that.
Leaving for work on Sept 11, 2007

2 people in red shirts are from Waterstone Condo #712, others occupy 716 over my own condo 708
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Van transporting Marriott employees

March 21, 2008 2 Orientals leave from condo 716 (over my own condo) and Black female leaves from 712.

On March 29, 2008 I observed several women workers get into White Ford van Fla Plate G96 4DA with the #3 on the back cargo door panel and followed it while it was driven to Marriott Hotel and Resort in PCB, where the women got out and went into a building via a door next to the loading bay. The women who resided in the Waterstone condos went back and forth to work in this and another van.
1st photo below shows van pulled up by building 7 and loading the Marriott employees, other photos show the van driving to the Marriott Hotel in PCB where the women got out.Posted by Picasa

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