For Your Information:

Rules & Regulations at 12.
Use Restrictions, 12.1 Residential Use. "The condominium units ... may be used for single-family residential living and for no other purpose."

Further at 14 Leasing of Units.
14.3 Occupancy During Lease Term. "No one but the lessee, and his family within the first degree of relationship by blood, adoption or marriage, and their guests may occupy the Unit"

And 14.4 Occupancy in Absense of Lessee. "If a lessee absents himself from the unit for any period of time during the lease term, his family already in residence may continue to occupy the unit. If the lessee and all of the family members mentioned in the foregoing sentence are absent, no other person may occupy the Unit."

There are other sections defining who 'guests' are (Marriott or labor contractor employees do not qualify) and how occupants of all rental units must register with the Manager before or at the time of occupancy (Marriott and labor contractor employees are not so registered).

From: www.nautiluscondosrules.blogspot.com